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Day in and day out it’s another stupid headline

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I can’t take it
Living in a place where few relate
And the few I’ve trusted
Just turned their fucking backs on me
The lies they pile up
You were a snitch, not a fucking brother
When you see me turn my back
like you always did, you motherfucker
I can’t believe
How easily I was decieved
I can’t believe
That I let you get the best of me

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ily tigers jaw

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You make jokes cause you can’t face it.
A sexist, a homophobe and a racist

why don’t i realize

how cold i am

until it’s

too late

to the point that

when i get somewhere warm

the heat stings my face

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i want to

have conversations

with your pillows

and blankets

and maybe the

boxers you wore

last week

we’ll talk about you

like little girls

and giggle about

secrets we share

all about


i want to have

conversations with

everyone and everything

that has something

to do with


and i want to be

a part of you too

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